The Feast of Harmon's Fall

Being an account of the disastrous events of the 49th and final Feast of the Four Nations, in which the leaders of those great nations, representatives of sixteen lesser polities, as well as diverse additional persons of consequence consumed two hundred and twenty five courses over nine days, and during which hope and tranquility were lost.

This will be an 9ish round game of the 'follow the phantoms' variant of Neel Krishnaswami's lexicon game. For the specific rules to be used in this game, see the link below.


This wiki is 'closed' to prevent spam and vandalism, but the game will be open to all interested parties; just request membership.

Welcome, new players. Things to do before you start:

  • Check the "Coming in Late" discussion in the scheduling and logistics forum for specific instructions.
  • Set up your player and scholar pages and link them to the indices below
  • Read the rules for this game, even if you're familiar with lexicon, as this is a variant version with a couple of changes.
  • Feel free to invite other people you think might be interested; the more, the merrier.
  • Swing by Inn at the Crossroads if you need inspiration for your first round's dish…

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