Lord Artra Finn


The Reconciliation Council on the last morning of the Feast clearly mirrors the Assembly of the Demiurges in the prophecy, in which the Demiurge of Pain and the Demiurge of War persuade their brothers to sit in judgement of all creation, and ultimately trick them into being stripped of their powers. Yet the prophecy portrays a conspiracy between Pain and War - which of these two, then, is Lord Artra Finn?

That he brought pain to others, there is no doubt. Most memorable, perhaps, was his contribution to the Rosepetal Trifle - upon observing the unfolding events, he ordered brought in a train of chained prostitutes - prisoners, once renegade merchants, now provided as tawdry amusement. The horror was threefold: that he held such prisoners to begin with, that he had them ready at hand at such short notice, and that he should unabashedly reveal his perversions in public. Truly, a dark and cruel man.

Yet Demiurge of War may suit him well after all, for it was Lord Finn who, after the tragedies of the Feast, established the Scattershot Barracks. From its outposts, far-flung yet intrinsically connected, we now fight against the dark forces unleashed at Harmon's Feast - Lord Finn has made possible a great and noble war indeed.

Of course, the question remains - whether Finn be Pain or Finn be War, which shadowy conspirator, still hidden from history, was the other?