Daronda The Clean

A crucial linchpin in Augurmaster Bachtus's interpretation is the striking parallel between Ylliriym, the Demiurge of Art, and the renowned sculptor Daronda Emmarian at the Feast.

And Ylliriym did confound them with his wonders and marvels; freshly each dawn::

Daronda's extravagant installations, one presented each day of the Feast. ((though not at dawn - e.g. the battle recreation using exploding pastries presented at stroke of midnight - significance???))

Yet he loved not that which he crafted;

Nicknamed "Daronda the Clean" by his apprentices, for he commonly forbade them work for weeks on end, for he preferred his workshop to be immaculate and orderly for his noble guests and patrons, than that it suffer the mess and bustle of true labor.

and his marvels were naught to him but stones laying the path to the Book of Life and Death::

Daronda made no secret of his aim to be chosen at the Feast as Guardian-Elect of the Nightshade Archives. His exhibits at the Feast were an obvious (though by no means ineffective) ploy to repeatedly draw attention and flaunt his qualifications: the battlescene demonstrating command of historical lore; carving an ice sculpture in full view for skill with a blade; single-handedly carrying in his stone sculpture in the Course of Combat to demonstrate his physical might ((and, in all likelihood, his cunning design of hollow spaces)); and so on.

And thus was found Ylliriym at dawn; weeping mightily over his brother of the seas:: ((Ocean Demiurge = Alfred?))

Referring to the astonishing alacrity of Daronda's response to the tragic Somnambulant Beef mishap - constructing within a single night an exquisite memorial piece of finest crystal, modeled for the lamented Lord Alfred.

Upon seeing his tears, all embraced Ylliriym the master of all beauty; they did embrace him as a brother::

The memorial was much admired, and provided a comforting focus amid the horrors of the Feast's final days. As well, Daronda himself was viewed far more favorably - "for so passionate and sudden a piece could not have been sculpted by any wanting for sincere human empathy."

And let the Book burn, said Ylliriym; I have sated of Death::

Here the similarities seem to end, as Daronda's ambitions were undiminished; however after the Feast, he came to despair entirely. Though many curious circumstances played their part, scholars agree that Daronda's memorial was a pivotal factor when the position of Guardian-Elect was awarded, posthumously, to Lord Alfred.