Diary Of Lady Brisband

This document, made available to our collegium in hand-scribed duplicates after it's liberation from the word-hoarders of Al Talil by Calil in Dos, is a fascinating primary source on the minutia of the 49th Feast. For it's clarification that the Heretic's Heron course was actually served on day eight rather than, as had previously been accepted, on day nine, and thus settling conclusively the 'onset time' dispute, it has done an immesurable service to scholarship.

Beyond the 'surface' reading of the Diary, there are what the Al Talil fools had erroneously labeled the 'coded entries'. In fact, the entries are not at all encyphered. Instead, they are written in a bastardized version of Second era High Crystalline, with modern Avkind grammar grafted on and phoenetically transliterated into the Khenzian alphabet. The translation of these entries relate events that Lady Brisband found too private to record in her native tongue.

In these segments, Lady Brisband's chief concern is the romantic trysts and pairings that took place among the participants of the Feast, licit and illicit. Most of these adventures described are her own, although more than a few of those which she was not involved in have Lord Alfred as either participant or witness, suggesting that the two were confidants of some sort. All are described in incredibly florid prose, which is, perhaps, a necessity, given that the more vulgar terms of the High Crystalline language were never used in their etchings and thus are unknown to her and our time, and that the poets of the Second era were unanimous in their use of botanical and floral metaphors when dealing with such matters. This trend is carried to its natural extreme in her discussion of the debauchery that took place during and after day six's final course, the Rosepetal Trifle.

-By Abel Joxur