Eggs Of The Fallen Star

This dish, served on the third day of the feast, consists of a leek and bacon soup which is placed within a hollowed-out loaf of dark rye bread. A lighter dough infused with garlic and onion is then placed over the top of the soup-filled loaf and quickly baked beneath a heated metal grill to seal the 'egg' before serving.
While most believe that the name of this dish is a reference to the comet that heralded the so-called War of the Broken Succession, several text fragments written in Old Avkind reference a 'Velunz'tel' (banished/expelled/cast down star, literally) in a culinary context. The ancient course appears to be of quite similar ingredients, although duck fat was, of course, used instead of bacon during that era. This means that the dish could not have been created and named during that war or the decade between it and the First Feast, but rather must date back centuries earlier.
During the Feast of Harmon's Fall, this course may have been a key factor in the unforutnate conclusion that was bearing down upon all present. It certainly did figure into one of the most notable early mishaps: the Egg for Lord Artra Finn, Regent of Solstrom, was improperly vented during the final cooking, allowing a pocket of steam to form within. When Artra's spoon first broke the top 'shell', that pocket exploded violently, drawing up a considerable portion of hot soup with it onto Lord Finn's extravagantly-groomed face. Fortunately, the broth was not nearly hot enough to do real damage, but Lord Finn was not a man used to being the object of laughter, especially from those he considered his social inferior.

-By Abel Joxur