Fishard A

Fishard is a sometimes-used pen name for an internet user who, while not being paranoid himself, has picked up on some habits from paranoid people around him. While he thinks the name is silly today, he thought it was really neat when he came up with it in the ninth grade, and has since allowed it to become his default "it looks like a name" name for internet use.

Fishard seldom likes to admit that the full name for this particular pseudonym is "Fishard A. Phone." The use of "Phone" as a surname makes him want to travel back in time ten years and smack his younger self.

Fishard is new to role playing, but old to writing. This is his first lexicon game, and he hopes to not screw things up too badly.

Fishard, who just realized he has started every paragraph in this article with his name, and to whom this fact is suddenly quite annoying, will be playing the role of Billum Umee.