This is a Gazetteer of the Four Nations and other localities that were involved in or have been impacted by the Feast of Harmon's Fall

Please add facts as they are confirmed by official entries in the Lexicon.

The Four Nations


* First referenced: Eggs Of The Fallen Star
* At the Feast, the Regent of Solstrom was Lord Artra Finn (ref)
* Petyr Piper, founder of The Way of the Piper was a Solstromese farm hand.

The Crystalline Nation

* First referenced: Heretic's Heron
* Emerald Duchy- province of the Crystalline Nation. (ref.)
* At the Feast, Lord Alfred was Lord of the Jade Duchy. (ref.)
* Sapphire Reaches - an area of the Crystalline Nation, represented at the Feast by their Warden-General


* First referenced: Somnambulant Beef
* Kenzhian Red Forest (ref)


Other Localities

* Quidian Glacier (ref)
* Cartan City (ref)
* Hampton and the Rhyl River (ref)

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