Harmon The High

If Piper's Children are known for their bloody (and seemingly senseless) opposition to the cult of the Meticulous, the followers of Harmon the High are the polar opposite. Where the zeal and fervor of The Way of the Piper is unmatched, the Harmonites are meditative and thoughtful.

Harmon the High was once a Follower of the Meticulous, you know, holding the title of Deputy Augurmaster. That would account for the contemplative nature of the man and the cult he founded. It is said that, while poring over Meticulous prophecies, Harmon found truth not in what the words said, but in the words themselves. The verse, meter and rhyme of the passages enraptured him. He soon began to find divinity in other artforms as well; painting, sculpture, architecture, performance. Even fine cooking. It is perhaps the reason Harmon counted the hosting of the 49th Feast as one of his life's greatest accomplishments. The Harmonite celebration of the minds and imaginations of men attracted and also produced some of the great artisans of the time.

Given the peaceful nature of Harmonite teachings, the way the 49th feast ended was more than a bit ironic, what with the Protest of the Tables and Lord Brannon Blackstone lopping off heads all willy-nilly like. Harmon the High himself disappeared shortly thereafter and the cult he founded, now leaderless, quickly dispersed.

- Marcello Josse


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