Harmonite Hall

While the Meticulous Order has ever been the most popular faith among those who hold to any religious at all, the Four Kingdoms have a vital tradition of cults founded by Charismatics. Some of these, like the Way of the Piper, survive long past the death of their founders, while others do not, but may achieve great popularity during the lifetime of their leader. The Harmonites, a cult of measured prosperity, were one of the latter sort, at the peak of their power and wealth during the 49th Feast, and their successful bid to host that feast in their primary chapterhall was quite a feather in their collective cap, however much the officials of the Directorate of the Meticulous grumbled about bribes and threats.

The leader of the Harmonite cult, Harmon the High, announced his intention to fast during the time of the feast, a remarkably clever political move which eliminated any awkwardness over his receiving an invitation that could be seen as 'bought' with the offer of the use of the hall and it's extensive gardens. In fact, no Harmonites of any significance within the cult's power structures attended the feast at all, with the notable exception of Daronda the Clean.

After the disastrous climax to the Feast that gave it the name by which is is now known, Harmonite Hall fell into disuse. The documentation of its ownership is murky at best, and those mysterious owners made no use of the facility but did on occasion post guards or mercenaries to prevent its occupation by squatters. In the final stages of the War of the Broken Succession, the wooden buildings and structures of the Hall burned to the ground, and during the Malefar incursion the very stones were carried off, one by one, to reinforce more practical walls and barricades.

-By Abel Joxur