Heretic's Heron

A most perplexing contradiction involves the injunction forbidding a Meticulous Follower to eat the flesh of a heron ((considered messenger of Fate; warning against eating heron meat interpreted as having both symbolic and literal significance; cf. "The Heron and the Feathered Fish," MAB 3:12 —os.T)). In spite of this clear and simple prohibition, the "Demiurges' Parliament" prophecy portrays the demiurges as dining upon "honeycrumbed heron-bird." That exalted beings should disregard the simplest laws of the holy texts is dismaying, to say the least.

This trivia was the subject of much debate among Meticulous scholars, but of little interest beyond them. Until a Lord of the Crystalline Nation, himself a Follower, chose as his Penultimate Edict to enact that the nation entire must follow Meticulous custom in abstaining from eating heron. The region grumbled in response, objecting to the Edict for no reason more than that its Meticulous origin. Soon after, this scholarly trivia became common knowledge, and soon grew to full-blown controversy and ridicule of the Lord's new law.

Thus, a dish emulating the demiurges' honeycrumbed heron has achieved some measure of popularity - even within the Crystalline Nation, where it is of course quite illegal. ((Commonly, heron is roasted in a coating of honeybread crumbs and a sauce made of red wine. —os.T)) It is presented as a vicious slight against the Followers, lordly Edicts, or any supposedly "foolish" religion currently provoking one's ire. ((In more recent years, it has become a great favorite among survivors of the Merchant Caste, who blame us for the caste's grisly demise when all we did was predict its occurrence. —os.T))

However, to Meticulous Followers whose faith is not distracted by imagined controversy, the dish offers little reproach. The significance attributed to the heron at the Parliament has been hopelessly exaggerated by those determined to mock us, and many insightful responsa ((…some more than others —os.T)) have addressed the seeming contradiction. Some suggest that the honeycrumbs themselves may have symbolic significance, which combined with the heron render the dish, as a whole, no longer forbidden. Others observe the Parliament's demiurges are simply not bound by the same laws as our humble, Meticulous mortals.

— From Augurmaster Kellim's monograph "Responsa to Common Misconceptions," handwritten annotations by Omenscribe Theresa