Kenzhia Observatory

The Observatory of Kenzhia was, prior to the invasion of the Malefar the consequent razing of the buildings to the ground, with all records burnt and all lenses smashed, one of the few centers of learning and safe harbors for free inquiries by men of letters that was not either run by archconservative sects of the Meticulous faith or by the inkswilling louts of the Great Library of Al Talil.

This fact and its destruction are no coincidence. The outward appearance of the librarians as semiliterate scribes copying letter forms without comprehension, while certainly accurate with regard to some of their member, is but a front. The 'dirty work' of the Great Library, including both the secret alliance with the Malefar as well as many dark deeds during and immediately after the 49th Feast, is done by the Servants of Illumination, a branch of the librarians taught nearly inhuman physical dexterity, ostensibly to copy minute details of artwork and illustration, but actually in service of their roles as thieves, spies, and assassins. A recent exploration of the ruins of the Observatory revealed solid evidence of their involvement, in the form of Illuminator's signature 'kit' of equipment in the gravesite where the Malefar buried their own losses from the attack on the Observatory. As the Malefar invariably leave their enemies to rot where they died, this proves the perfidious alliance.

During the Feast, while no participant was openly an Illuminator, several of the delegates from the Merchant Caste have a sketchy background that strongly suggest hidden connections to Al Talil, and, of course, in the aftermath of the feast additional Illuminator agents could easily have inserted themselves into the chaos.

-By Abel Joxur