Kenzhian Cap Of Somnambulance

I am so glad you could join me for this discourse. As you can see before you, I have brought with me tonight the Kenzhian Cap of Somnambulance. A replica of course. Oh, you probably shouldn’t touch it without wearing these gloves.

The authentic Cap is of interest to us not only for its presence at the Feast during the course of Somnambulant Beef, when the floors of the Hall ran red with the blood of the slaughtered cow on the eighth day of the Feast – an event so eerily presaging the blood of the several guests that similarly coated the floor on the following days - but also for its place as the cause of the War of the Broken Succession.

Of course we are all aware of that sad tale – how the Avkind Emperor, accompanied by his sole heir, had traveled to Kenzhia to view for himself the fateful comet that had been heralded with prophesies of danger and doom. The Emperor and the members of the Kenzhian court journeyed to the hill where the Kenzhia Observatory stood. And while the sages were adjusting lenses and other mechanical devices for the adults to view the falling star, the young Heir was back at the palace playing children’s games with the other young nobles.

The exact details remain unclear, but the following facts are undisputed. That the children somehow entered the room where the Cap was kept. That the young Heir placed the Cap upon his head. That a patriotic guard, seeing the Cap upon the head of a non-Kenzhian, removed it in the manner prescribed by Kenzhian holy writ – lopping off the head of the Heir.

Thus ended the Avkind Imperial Dynasty, and with it, peace. For before news of the Heir’s death had even reached all corners of the Four Nations, many of those with only the most tangential claims and dubious genealogical records began gathering their forces for what became known as the War of the Broken Succession.

A discourse presented by Calil In Dos


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