Legion Of Tasters

Fellow scholars, I have brought a special item from my collection for tonight's discourse. You see before you an authentic Legionaire's Bib, used by one of the Legion of Tasters and created by none other than Daronda the Clean himself. (Well, given the number of bibs needed for the Tasters and the number of courses, one can presume that Daronda merely supervised the design and the Bibs themselves were created by his journeymen as one of their masterworks.)

Looking at this particular Bib, you can see it features an exquisite embroidering of the fabled Khenzian lyndwyrm, (and I do mean fabled, reports of Malefar raiders riding on lyndwyrms are simply fabrications of hysterical victims). This was the bib used by a Taster during the Toast of Commencement, kicking off the ill fated feast.

While there is no documentation to know for certain which Taster had the honor of wearing this particular masterpiece, if one looks closely along the neckspines of the wyrm, one can see what may be a stain of Quidian Red wine. This would indicate that the wearer was, or was sitting next to, the daughter of the Grand Vizier of Atar who is known to have coughed up a mouthful of her wine when, during the middle of his Toast, the Warden-General of the Crystaline Nation's Sapphire Reaches inexplicably began commenting upon her father’s grooming habits, thus eliminating all potential that either man would be named Guardian Elect.

As for the Tasters themselves, despite conspiratorial rumors of elaborate plots of poisons and counter poisons, no Tasters have ever been known to die from their official duties - save the unfortunate soul who choked on a Rhylfish bone on the seventh day of the final feast. The tradition of including close relatives of the diners amongst the Tasters such as the Grand Vizier's daughter, Lord Brannon Blackstone's twin brother and the last minute addition of Harmon the High's own mother to bring the number of Tasters from Irrect to Correct, clearly have inhibited participants from nefarious additions to the dishes of the feast. It is not, however, clear whether the number of Tasters reverting to an Irrect number with the death on the seventh day then led to the disasters on the final day.

- A discourse presented by Calil In Dos


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