Omenscribe Theresa

Theresa serves as an omenscribe, an acolyte of the Meticulous Followers of the Mother-Seers. The Followers study and interpret their holy texts, believing them to be prophecies of that which is to come. Augurmaster Bachtus has set Theresa to researching his long-held pet theory: that the text of the "Demiurges' Parliament" (written in the third Book of Order, and consisting of nine chapters and three tuples of replicated verse) is a prediction of the events of the Feast.

Theresa herself has yet to be fully persuaded on this count. While there are certainly some remarkable correlations, which Bachtus celebrates at length, Bachtus's interpretation soon leads to obvious contradictions with actual events - not to speak of tremendous swathes of the prophecy, some at its very crux, that appear to have no connection to the Feast whatsoever.

However, there is much about the Feast that Theresa, and Bachtus as well, do not know. Research will surely shed light on the matter one way or another - and if the prophecy is of the Feast, it might reveal many secrets that have remained hidden until now.

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