Each player may link a brief biographical sketch of their scholar character to the list here. It is bad form to attempt to establish facts relevant to the entries of the actual game in these.

The Scholars of The Feast

  • Omenscribe Theresa, acolyte attempting to match an ancient prophecy to the events of the Feast.
  • Abel Joxur, a reader in dead languages.
  • Billum Umee, a self-interested grand-stander and showman.
  • Calil In Dos, collector of rare books, former Preservationist of the Great Library of Al Talil.
  • Luscious Dark, a disgraced scholar and monk, seeking to redeem himself in the eyes of his uncaring superiors.
  • Marcello Josse, a widely traveled mercenary and adventurer well versed in the oral histories of the Four Nations

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