The Red Claw

Fellow scholars, it should come as little surprise that the version of War Of The Broken Succession that has become dogma within The Red Claw only begins with the Brisband Legitimacy Question, which marks the second, Post Feast, era of the war, rather than acknowledging the full span of the conflict which rightfully is dated to the death of the Avkind Imperial Heir some decade prior to the first Feast.

For within the Pre-Feast era, the Bloody Claw, as the mercenary band was rightfully called, was the source of some of the most gruesome and inhumane acts of the war, second only perhaps to those committed by the followers of the fringe cult The Way of the Piper.

The Bloody Claw, owing allegiance only to the one most recently making payment to their coffers, had at one point or another during those early phases of the war committed atrocities on behalf of nearly every major faction and power involved- with the slaughter at Cartan City and the lacing of the wells of a small orphanage in Kenzhia with poisonous bloodroot extract being typical examples.

However, one would be remiss to imply that the horrific deeds have continued, for under the leadership of Keefe Randal Brisband the actions of the Red Claw, as they are now known, are no worse than the actions of any other group of blades-for-hire. But facts are facts and what has been done has been done and one cannot pretend one's previous actions did not take place.

A discourse presented by Calil In Dos


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