Way Of The Piper

Of all the religious cults I've come across, not to mention crossed blades with, Piper's Children are by far the most overzealous. It is as if they exist solely to contradict the teachings of the Meticulous, and do so with unmatched fervor and energy. They even went so far as, when the Penultimate Edict was issued, forbidding the Meticulous the consumption of heron bird, to make it the most holiest dish a Piper could partake of. Needless to say, this rankled more than a few of even the least devout of the Meticulous, and absolutlely infuriated the Atari Directorate. Yet little is know of why The Way of the Piper hold such beliefs. The Meticulous are no more overbearing or self-righteous than any other church in the Four Nations. Certain factions aside, they don't even go out of their way to convert the masses.

The mystery of their doctrine is likely best attributed to its unlikely creator. While, of course, those that follow The Way of the Piper deify the man that founded the cult, he was, in fact, nothing more than a simple Solstromese farm hand by the name of Petyr Piper. Unfortnately, as is common to the myths of religion, tales of his rise from pepper picker to religous icon are muddled by zeal and idealism. What is well know, though, is that Piper's Children have taken war to the Meticulous in bloody fashion and that their leaders inspire such loyalty that I have yet to see matched. Some in my line of work have even attepmted to convert for the sole purpose of learning Piper's motivational tactics, but, to a man, they've all become so enraptured with his Way that they've ended up fighting, and dying, at his side. Perhaps he's simply a charismatic farmboy. Perhaps his teachings have some fundamental truth to them that has eluded the rest of the world thus far. Perhaps he has some foul craft at his disposal that pollutes the minds of men. I know not. But I do know, I'd think thrice before taking any job that involved taking the battlefield against even half my number of Piper's Children.

- Marcello Josse


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